Thank you for your interest in Focus Academy.

We are so proud of what we have accomplished since welcoming our first class of students in 2013. The students from those very first years have gone on to jobs at employers such as Starbucks, Publix, Busch Gardens, Five Star Pizza, Walmart. Some have enrolled in Hillsborough Community College or additional learning opportunities through the University of South Florida’s Learning Academy. And some are participating in day training programs such as Focus Forward or Macdonald Training Center. Whatever your student’s abilities, helping them along the path to future success is our goal.

As the parent of a son on the Autism Spectrum, I know what it’s like to search for a place where your child can be accepted, nurtured, and celebrated for their uniqueness. My own son is a graduate of Focus Academy, and I can assure you that his accomplishments are a direct result of his years here.

If you would like to schedule a tour, please complete the Tour Request form. If you’re ready to start the journey with us, complete the application online. Or if you have questions and would like a little more information, contact us directly via email or phone.

I look forward to meeting you and your student soon!

Heather Rodriguez, Supervisor of Admissions & Public Relations 


Admissions Eligibility & Requirements

To be eligible to attend Focus Academy, students must meet the following criteria:

      • Have and submit a current Individual Education Plan (IEP), or be eligible for an IEP

      • Have a primary educational designation of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Intellectually Disabled (IND), or Other Health Impairment (OHI)

      • Be eligible for the Access Points modified curriculum

Families who wish to apply to Focus Academy can also include additional information for consideration by the Admissions Team, including: 

      • Academic transcripts (grades 10 and above)
      • Most recent report card (grades 6-9)

      • Behavior Plan/FBA (if applicable)

      • Recent psychological evaluation (if available)

      • Recent photo of student

If your student is currently enrolled in a private school, please submit the last/most recent IEP they received as well as the most recent psychological evaluation.

Note: Once documentation is reviewed and a student is deemed eligible for admission, an in-person interview will be scheduled with the prospective student and family with the IEP Team. A determination of acceptance will be communicated within 10 days after the in-person interview. If you have questions regarding enrollment availability for the current academic year, please contact the main office at 813.443.5558.

Open Enrollment Period
Open Enrollment for the next school year is from October to mid-January. Applications to Focus Academy are also accepted throughout the year for any current seat openings.

If the number of applications received exceeds the number of spots available, a lottery will be held. Please see the information below for specific dates. Additional information on Open Enrollment can be found on our FAQ page.


2023-24 Open Enrollment Info

  • Applications window: October 30, 2023 – January 12, 2024
  • Lottery (if necessary): January 30, 2024 

Student Seat Capacity for 2023-24
Below is our student capacity/seat availability by program/grade level. We are required to update this information every 12 weeks. (updated 9/20/23)

  • Middle School: 25 seats (0 available)
  • High School
    9th: 12 (0 available)
    10th: 16 (0 available)
    11th: 16 (1 available)
    12th: 12 (1 available)
  • Transition Program: 58 * (6 available)
    * Student must have met grad requirements and deferred diploma to be eligible

Family Testimonials

What Do Parents Say?  According to our annual parent survey, the overwhelming majority of Focus Academy families recommend Focus Academy and its programming.

"A smaller student to teacher ratio where my child can be observed and attended to brought me to the school. Focus has definitely meet my expectations."
"Word was that it was a great program. It has gone above and beyond [my expectations]."
"Love that the school is small and students are known by name not by a number. I like that they focus more on the ability, not the disability."