Our History

Established in 2012, Focus Academy is the dream of a small group of parents of children with special needs.
The founding parents envisioned a school where their children would be valued and supported. Creating a school environment where their children would be prepared for academic, social and workplace success was their ultimate goal. By partnering with professionals in the educational and therapeutic communities their dream became a reality.

Our Mission

To engage students in an educational community which emphasizes feelings of value, support and success

To create a learning environment where academic success is expected and achieved

To provide our students with rich and varied opportunities for individual development; social interaction and connection; relationship building and social emotional growth

To teach students necessary skills that enable them to move beyond the classroom and serve as active members of their community

To prepare students to live the most independent and purposeful lives possible

Mission Statement

Focus Academy is a Florida Public Charter School and Transition Program offering a modified Exceptional Student Education (ESE) curriculum and unique therapeutic supports for students with cognitive and/or developmental disabilities in grades 6-12 and beyond.

Vision Statement

Focus Academy envisions a public school in which all students with cognitive and/or developmental disabilities have the same opportunities and support as their peers to embrace a strong education for their future. Focus Academy is a safe place for students to enhance the quality of their lives by experiencing a unique environment with strong social-emotional and therapeutic support. This integration of classroom curriculum and direct support creates a place where Education Meets Life.

Family Testimonials

What Do Parents Say?  According to our annual parent survey, the overwhelming majority of Focus Academy families recommend Focus Academy and its programming.

"[Searching for] a school for children with disabilities for my daughter is what brought me to Focus and everyone has gone above and beyond for my autistic daughter. She also feels very safe."
“Focus Academy has not only met our needs but had FAR exceeded anything we could have ever hoped for. When I first read about Focus, I felt it was too good to be true. In the end, I have seen first hand that Focus is far more than anything I could have imagined. ”
“The teachers here are very passionate about what they do, and they also are very good in realizing the strengths of each student."